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Kersey Comprehensive Plan


Shaping Kersey's Tomorrow, Together

TThe Kersey Comprehensive Plan is a blueprint for the future of our town. It is a map that guides our decisions about growth and change, and helps us align projects, programs, and policies with the community’s vision for the future.

Key Features of the Kersey Comprehensive Plan:

  • A collective vision of what we want Kersey to be in 20 years.

  • Town policies centered around shared community values, promoting broad community ownership.

  • A land use map depicting desired development patterns that aligns with transportation and economic development strategies.

  • Success metrics that resonate with the vision and values identified during the planning process.

  • An implementation plan with action steps to bring Kersey's vision to reality.

The Kersey Comprehensive Plan is a living document that will guide the town's growth and ensure that Kersey continues to be a cherished community for generations to come.



As we update the Kersey Comprehensive Plan, our process places a premium on public engagement.  We firmly believe that the heart and soul of our town lies with its residents and businesses, and any plan for the future should be sculpted by the collective voices of this community.

We Are Here

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446 1st Street

Planner Danna Ortiz:

970.353.1681 or 303.884.4850

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